A Million+ Cups of Coffee
For Front-Line Heroes


When the arrival of Covid-19 changed daily life in mere days, our entire team made the adjustments necessary to keep up with changing demands. We made sure they could count on a safe, healthy workplace – and they did their part to keep the coffee flowing.

Then, our people went a step further. It started with a single request for some coffee for the staff of a paramedic station near our plant. As one of our team said, “it’s good to help someone else.”

That commitment quickly mushroomed into Club Coffee’s Fuel The Heroes campaign. We delivered coffee to frontline heroes – hospital staff, firefighters, people are care facilities, teams at community agencies and so many more. The result so far has been more than 1.5 million cups (and it keeps going!) of delicious coffee going out to thank those heroes.






First Responders




Shelters/Community Care



Club Coffee Heroes



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