Club Coffee and PurPod100 Sponsor’s Specialty Coffee Expo’s Sustainability Initiatives

Over 10,000 specialty coffee professionals and enthusiasts travel to this event each year. That can amount to a lot of waste if sustainable options are not offered and encouraged. PurPod100, the worlds first 100% Compostable Single Serve Coffee Pod, is sponsoring the sustainability initiatives at this event this year.

These initiatives include:

  • No-Waste Bins
  • 40+ recycling bins
  • Bring or Buy Reusable Water Bottle’s
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Share your actions and spread the word
  • Join the Green Team

With access to proper options for handling waste at the event, Specialty Coffee Expo is providing sustainable options for attendees and exhibitors. The additional awareness and education will also have long lasting effects once attendees and exhibitors leave the show.

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